This book is not meant to be a tirade against the evils of the world or a moralizing work that assails a valueless culture spinning out of control. Rather, I hope to provide some reflections on life as a priest, the world, and what it really takes to be a survivor, both now and for all eternity, and indeed why I am giving my life to the ministerial priesthood of Jesus Christ as understood in the Roman Catholic Church and her authoritative teaching. The essence of priesthood is to bring Christ into the world. Literally and really to bring the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity into the earthly plain – this is the mission of the priest. Our western culture seems to be moving so fast that it is very difficult to slow down enough to think about those things that truly matter; namely: life, love and truth, not to mention faith which can help us sort out some of the most thorny issues of life. I am convinced that at the heart of true happiness and being a real survivor in this life are found indeed, love and truth and faith! To experience humanity most fully, a person must come to grips with who they are and how to live as the result of such self-knowledge. This book is my attempt to help the reader ponder such questions.


When a person makes the shift from looking for happiness and instead puts his or her effort in making others happy, he or she has embarked on the path of deep personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

We as humans are infinitely valuable and no one has the right to tell a person what to believe or what to think, but we really do have an obligation to help others recognize what is true and good.

There is indeed a splendor to such truth. When we encounter the truth, we cannot help but be changed. The truth makes and impact on us. When we reject the truth we do it at our own peril.

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